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So a lot of people under estimate the value of new windows in their home. Most people just don’t realize what a huge difference that new windows make on the appearance of their homes. First of all it makes everything look so much nicer from the inside and helps with the interior design of your home. It also makes a huge difference on the outside of your home, which is the first thing anyone sees when arriving to your house. Getting replacement windows help you save a huge amount of money on heating and cooling costs over the lifetime of your home, I mean come on, thats just common knowledge. So I recently just got the windows replaced in my home and it was a freaking nightmare. Everything was horrible from the time I met the dead beat guys who showed up to install the new windows. Even before that 8 weeks ago was when they were supposed to but we had to push back everything 2 1/2 months because they ordered the wrong size and color replacement windows. So I just heard about this website that helps people find contractors for various home renovation projects. I wish I had known about this earlier because it would have saved me a ton of time, money, and energy. It seems like a pretty solid website thats sole purpose is to set people living near major US cities with the best Window Replacement professionals. Right now it seems like replacement windows for Phoenix Arizona is the first city that they are launching as of now. Seems pretty cool and it should be interesting to see how this website turns out.